Acoustic Ceilings

We understand the importance of noise reduction when it comes to building a functional workspace. To absorb or block sound, we install all types of acoustic and specialty ceilings, from standard, single-room applications to over 500,000-square-foot facilities, using brands such as Armstrong®, USG Corporation, and CertainTeed®. These products offer a welcome balance between good design and noise reduction to help create a quality work environment.


We install and finish various types of interior and exterior drywall and gypsum board for applications with varying complexity. Our policy is to never use subcontractors to perform these installations. Instead, we rely on the expertise of our highly trained and experienced employees. The end result is a more efficient and higher-quality installation that adheres to deadlines.

Metal Framing

We’re equipped to install exterior metal framing, curtain wall applications, metal stud walls, light gauge metal trusses, and metal floor trusses for projects of any scale. Both small and large, these projects range from $50,000 to $30 million or more, and from one to 25+ stories. Our metal framing capabilities provide a superior solution for any building project.


We install both rough and finish carpentry, including wood blocking, exterior sheathing, interior wood trim, wood panels and doors, millwork, frames and hardware, and Division 10 accessories. Our crews understand the importance of quality installation, and they’re trained to ensure that no detail is overlooked. These carpentry projects make a huge difference in the functionality and performance of any building suitable for commercial use.


Exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) are non-load-bearing systems designed to insulate exterior walls and make them water-resistant. We install EIFS mostly from Dryvit, the company that pioneered the industry in North America and that continues to innovate and lead throughout the building industry. Our crews are highly trained to install the EIFS, resulting in a continuous insulation product that meets current energy codes.


Decorative and ornamental plaster is a niche market for us, and we do everything from minor patching to elaborate, high-end ornamental shapes. You’ll see our work in several prominent Ohio buildings where decorative and ornamental plaster takes center stage. These highly versatile treatments demand a high level of expertise on the part of our professionals, and they showcase our advanced level of construction expertise.

Spray Insulation

Spray foam insulation not only makes commercial buildings more comfortable, but it also improves energy efficiency by reducing the loss of air. We install two kinds of spray insulation for thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings. K-13 thermal insulation is an exposed ceiling spray insulation that requires no additional barriers or materials as it works to effectively absorb sounds. We also install Huntsman open-cell and closed-cell insulation. The former is a spray that creates an air barrier to traditional insulation and is suitable for interior applications only. The latter adheres to most surfaces to provide an air, water, and vapor barrier for both interior and exterior applications.


Our installation of standard insulation goes a long way toward supporting the performance-driven designs that characterize today’s commercial buildings. We install a wide range of commercial building insulation products, including everything from batt or rigid to thermal fiber, and more. When it comes to insulation, the quality of the install makes a big difference in the overall effectiveness of the product. Our professionals have the experience and skills to ensure a proper install.

Vapor Barrier

We apply a wide range of air and vapor barrier solutions, from peel-and-stick to fluid-applied, ensuring that building exteriors are properly sealed. These multi-function barriers prevent water and air from infiltrating the building to ensure comfort, energy efficiency, and long-term structural integrity. Our professionals are trained to install the vapor barriers so that potential moisture and condensation are minimized.


We offer prefabrication as a way to reduce the amount of time spent on site, increase quality and safety, reduce risk, and improve logistical planning. By using proven prefab solutions that range from interior and exterior panels to drywall, we are better prepared for the installation process because much of the work is completed in advance. As a result, costs are minimized due in large part to reduced labor at the jobsite.